We help you connect better, grow organically and sell more, making your marketing investments as easy, affordable and impactful as possible.

Connect the dots with Our Services

Media Relations

Connecting with relevant media and having them share your story to boost your credibility and reach your target audience.


Discovering and telling your brand story, and the people behind, to create a unique connection to your audience. 


Creating designs that reinforce your brand image, draw your audience's attention, and convert them into loyal customers.  

Public Relations

Building awareness and love for your brand, and influence others to consistently talk about you in a positive context. 

Digital & Social Media

Expanding your customer outreach and nurturing relationships online to generate the leads and sales that you need to grow.


Assisting you in  your marketing communications decisions, sharing strategies and tactics we've seen work.

POLKADOTS' approach

We didn’t invent marketing communications. We made it more efficient and effective for startups, small medium businesses and personal brands. 

We work with clients from all over the United States and abroad, connecting with them from anywhere, virtually any time. 

Because every brand has its own story to tell, all clients are different. We appreciate these differences and adjust our ways of working for each project by partnering with experienced, diverse professionals depending on the clients’ needs. 

This approach makes it possible for businesses of any size to be more visible, so clients can find them, trust them, love them. 

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MEET the founder and chief dots connector

“The process of marketing and promoting your business should be an achievement, not an overwhelming and difficult task. I work with, not for,  business owners like you who want to grow and rise brands that people know, trust, and love. I think of my clients as partners, instead of revenue targets. I become their biggest supporter – that’s why I consistently look for ways to deliver value-driven solutions.”

"Francesca is a great advocate for her clients - she is authentic and dedicated. She excels at promoting relationships and making connections. In short: Francesca is a true pro and an absolute pleasure to work with."
Ralph Jacob - CykleJab, Founder and Owner
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"Francesca has a gift for strategy. Her branding expertise is amazing. She is the go-to person for nuanced and sophisticated marketing.
Carmen Westbrook - Aina Giving, Founder and CEO
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